Italian Chef Academy offers the possibility to attend intensive Italian courses, with specific focus on food terminology, directly inside our headquarter.

Our Italian lessons are student-centered, which means that students will speak from the first lesson and will quickly get used to interact with Italian speakers.

Topics are chosen in relation to everyday life situations, with a particular attention to pastry and Italian cuisine.

Students will learn Italian with native speakers: our professionals are Italian native speakers and certified Italian teacher.

Lessons will be held inside Italian Chef Academy buildings.

Our Course: Tot. 60 hrs

1.  The Intensive Course

4 weeks: Mon-Wed-Fri   3 hrs/lesson

Tot. 36 hrs

Students will learn : how to communicate in a variety of social situations;

                          basic grammatical structures;

                          basic vocabulary and basic cooking terminology;

2. The spoken Italian course:

4 weeks:   Tue- Thu   2hrs/ lesson

Tot: 16 hrs

Students will:     improve their speaking and listening skills;

                           be able to write a CV and attend an interview

                           be able to effectively communicate in a kitchen brigade.

                           be able to use effective language in order to promote business on Social Media


3. One Michelin Star experience and One cultural activity

 Students will attend two extra-curricular activities.

With our Michelin Star Experience, you will have the chance to attend a Michelin Star Restaurant tasting experience, guided by the menu explanation of chefs.

The Cultural activity will let students enjoy the Eternal City and it’s magnificent culture.


Our teaching method is based on the communicative approach, which means that from the very beginning, students will actively practice the four fundamental functions of language

and quick communication in a kitchen brigade.

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